J21 Fixed Bolster Mechanical Press

J21 Fixed Bolster Mechanical Press
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J21-80/J21-125/JB21-160 adopt rotating key clutch, which is easy to operate and convenient to maintain with stable action and low noise.

J21Z-125/JD21-160 adopt dry friction clutch, which can stop the slider at any place immediately, and can also achieve the inch, single and continuous punching operation. This is convenient to adjust the die position at any time, thus improve the machining precision. The whole machine adopts imported PLC centralized control system and equipped with safety dual valve and balance cylinder, which makes it work smoothly and reliably. It can also be equipped with photoelectric protection device, it is a safety type press machine.

Main Specifications:

Nominal CapacityKN80012501250
Nominal Strokemm788
Slide Strokemm120150150
Slide Stroke Per MinuteT/M403535
Maximum Die Set Heightmm330370370
Die Height Adjustmentmm80100100
Throat Depthmm330390390
Distance Between Uprightsmm420550550
Slide Bottom SizeL x Rmm400540540
 F x Bmm360480480
Stem hole SizeDiamm506060
Bolster SizeL x Rmm92010901090
 F x Bmm610720720
Diameter of Blanking Holemm180240240
Bolster Thicknessmm90130130
Bolster Surface Heightmm900900900
Overall SizeF x Bmm196025502100
 L x Rmm163017901890
Distance between foundation boltsF x Bmm112514151415
 L x Rmm88012901290
Motor PowerKw7.51111

Nominal CapacityKN16001600
Nominal Strokemm88
Slide Strokemm160160
Slide Stroke Per MinuteT/M2835
Maximum Die Set Heightmm400400
Die Height Adjustmentmm110110
Throat Depthmm390390
Distance Between Uprightsmm725725
Slide Bottom SizeL x Rmm580580
 F x Bmm520520
Stem hole SizeDiamm7070
Bolster SizeL x Rmm11401140
 F x Bmm740740
Diameter of Blanking Holemm160160
Bolster Thicknessmm150150
Bolster Surface Heightmm900900
Overall SizeF x Bmm23402340
 L x Rmm20752100
Distance between foundation boltsF x Bmm15501550
 L x Rmm11551155
Motor PowerKw1515

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