JL36 Straight Side Double Point Link Motion Press

JL36 Straight Side Double Point Link Motion Press
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JL36 Straight Side Double Point Link Motion Press


Multi-link transmission. Link rods of different rotation.

Finite element analysis for major parts.

Generalized, standard and modular design.

Specialized clutch brake.

Features high performance, high accuracy and stability.

Special vibration absorb design

Heavy load lubrication system with automatic alarm function.

Imported hydraulic overload protecting device.

Ultra-long four-corner eight-side guide rail for guidance.

Electronic cam and mechanical cam double loop control.

Mould parameter storage and automatic adjustment.

Cooperate with automatic feeding and picking device to realize automatic tandem line production.

Solidwork optimized design driving system and appearance.

Main Specification:

Nominal forceKN6300800010000
Nominal strokemm131313
Slide strokemm700750800
Slide stroke per minmin-110~2010~1810~16
Max die set heightmm110011001100
Die height adjustmentmm550550600

Bolster size

(FB x LR)

Slide bottom size (FB x LR)mm1600*36001800*38001800*4000
Working capacityKg*m16000(at spm20)19000(at spm18)25000(at spm16)
Distance between guide railsmm362038204020
Bolster surface heightmm700700750
Max up die weightT151520
Die cushion pressing/knock-outKN1000/10001200/12001500/1500
 Cushion working table sizemm2600*11002800*11003000*1200
Electric control mode

Movable bolster moving method
F-B/ L-R
Main motor powerKW90*4110*4132*4
Height over the groundmm910093009600
Overall dimension(FB*lR)mm5600*65505750*68006150*7150
Nominal forceKN130001600020000
Nominal strokemm131313
Slide strokemm90010001000
Slide stroke per minmin-110~1610~1610~15
Max die set heightmm120012001300
Die height adjustmentmm650650700
Bolster size(FB*R)mm1800*40001900*46002000*4600
Slide bottom size(FB*LR)mm1800*40001900*46002000*4600
Working capacityKg*m32000(at spm16)38000(at spm16)52000(at spm15)
Distance between guide railsmm402046204620
Bolster surface heightmm750750800
Max up die weightT252530
Die cushion Pressing /knock-outKN2000/20002400/24003000/3000
 Cushion working table sizemm3000*12003500*12003500*1300
Electric control mode

Movable bolster moving method
F-B/ L-R
Main motor powerKW160*4200*4250*4
Height above the groundmm101001055010900
Overall dimension(FB*LR)mm6250*71506450*78006600*8000