JS36 Striaght Side Double Points Press

JS36 Striaght Side Double Points Press
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This JS36 straight-side two points press utilizes a dry type clutch and brake, a steel welded framework with cross beam and column. Through taut bolts, the base is tightened and combined into an integral body.

Due to herringbone gear transmission, this machine generates low noise and working impact. The slide moves with the eight sided orthogonal guide rail or four sided guide rail reclining at 45 degree. If equipped with the movable worktable, the product offers higher working efficiency.

This press is suitable for applying in heavy tonnage die tooling with different precision in blanking, piercing, bending, forming for single or progressive application. Its working capacity ranges from 250ton to 1600ton. This machine is commonly used in the manufacture of auto parts.

Main Specifications:

ParameterUnitJS36- 250JS36- 300JS36- 400
Nominal CapacityKN250030004000
Nominal pressure strokemm131313
Slide Strokemm400400400
Strokes Per Minutespm161616
Max Die Set Heightmm650720770
Die Height Adjustmentmm315400400
Bolster SizeL×Rmm260028002800
Slide Bottom SizeL×Rmm260028002800
Side Knockout RodStructure
 Knockout pressureKN100150150
CushionClamping pressureKN510600600
 Withdraw pressureKN510600600
Overall DimensionsHeightmm696070007000
Motor PowerKW373745

ParameterUnitJS36- 500JS36- 630JS36- 800
Nominal CapacityKN500063008000
Nominal pressure strokemm131313
Slide Strokemm400500500
Strokes Per Minutespm161410
Max Die Set Heightmm6501100990
Die Height Adjustmentmm400500400
Bolster SizeL×Rmm280035003640
Slide Bottom SizeL×Rmm280035003640
Side Knockout RodStructure
 Knockout pressureKN150150150
CushionClamping pressureKN60010001000
 Withdraw pressureKN60010001000
Overall DimensionsHeightmm740080008500
Motor PowerKW7590110

Nominal CapacityKN100001250016000
Nominal pressure strokemm131313
Slide Strokemm500600500
Strokes Per Minutespm101210
Max Die Set Heightmm10001300950
Die Height Adjustmentmm400500400
Bolster SizeL×Rmm400040005000
Slide Bottom SizeL×Rmm400040005000
Side Knockout RodStructure
 Knockout pressureKN150150100
CushionClamping pressureKN120015001500
 Withdraw pressureKN120015001500
Overall DimensionsHeightmm9000990010000
Motor PowerKW110132132