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Manual Mechanical Press
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Adopt rotating key positive clutch, which is easy to operate and convenient to maintain.

J23-25T adopts rolling bearing instead of sliding bearing(copper bearing) and this make the transmission gear more wear-resistant and avoid loud noise of gears caused by copper bearing abrasion.

J23-35 open type inclinable press machine is unique in the industry. Other 35T press machine produced by other manufactures in the country all adopt a machine body of the 25T machine and copper bearing for the transmission gear. We are the only manufacturer that redesigns the body. The 35T machine body is far more heavier than the 25T machine body and the strength is also better with the rolling bearing transmission (low gear noise), which is almost eaqual to the light 40T press machine.

J23-80T and above press machines adopt pneumatic double balance cylinder, which decreased the balance force fluctuate, and balanced the weight of slider and die, prevent the unstable situation. Besides, it also avoid the clash and noise caused by the gear reverse force during transmission; eliminate the clearance between connecting rod and slide; reduce the compact force and abrasion of stress components; and avoid the accident caused by falling slider when brake or connecting rod broke.

Main Specifications:

Nominal CapacityKN63100160250
Nominal Strokemm2222.5
Slide Strokemm35455565
Slide Stroke Per MinuteT/M17014512555
Maximum Die Set Heightmm150180220270
Die Height Adjustmentmm30354555
Throat Depthmm110130160200
Distance Between Uprightsmm150180220270
Slide Bottom SizeL x Rmm140170200250
 F x Bmm120150180220
Stem hole SizeDiamm30304040
Bolster SizeL x Rmm310370450560
 F x Bmm200240300370
Diameter of Blanking Holemm6080100120
Bolster Thicknessmm30354050
Max. Angle of Inclination°45353530
Bolster Surface Heightmm750730750800
Overall SizeF x Bmm78090011501345
 L x Rmm620665847950
Distance between foundation boltsF x Bmm530610780920
 L x Rmm314394450600
Motor PowerKw0.751.11.52.2

Nominal CapacityKN350400630630
Nominal Strokemm3.5667
Slide Strokemm8090110110
Slide Stroke Per MinuteT/M50455040
Maximum Die Set Heightmm290320360390
Die Height Adjustmentmm60658080
Throat Depthmm220250260310
Distance Between Uprightsmm280340350420
Slide Bottom SizeL x Rmm250300300400
 F x Bmm220260260360
Stem hole SizeDiamm40505050
Bolster SizeL x Rmm610700760860
 F x Bmm400460480570
Diameter of Blanking Holemm130150180180
Bolster Thicknessmm60658080
Max. Angle of Inclination°30302020
Bolster Surface Heightmm815850810850
Overall SizeF x Bmm1460172118101958
 L x Rmm1058133513501500
Distance between foundation boltsF x Bmm1020106011801300
 L x Rmm650750850920
Motor PowerKw45.55.57.5

Nominal CapacityKN80010001250
Nominal Strokemm778
Slide Strokemm120140150
Slide Stroke Per MinuteT/M383838
Maximum Die Set Heightmm440480500
Die Height Adjustmentmm90100100
Throat Depthmm350380390
Distance Between Uprightsmm450560550
Slide Bottom SizeL x Rmm430540540
 F x Bmm360480480
Stem hole SizeDiamm606060
Bolster SizeL x Rmm95010801100
 F x Bmm650710720
Diameter of Blanking Holemm200220240
Bolster Thicknessmm100120130
Max. Angle of Inclination°201513
Bolster Surface Heightmm850850860
Overall SizeF x Bmm206024042504
 L x Rmm171517901790
Distance between foundation boltsF x Bmm136015501710
 L x Rmm101011301110
Motor PowerKw7.51111

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