Analysis Of Forging Machinery Industry In China

1. forging machinery industry overview

In recent years, the volume of Chinese forging machinery forming equipment, sheet metal processing equipment developed in parallel, all kinds of small forging machine specification range, growth, the overall level and the rate increase soon, to meet the needs of national economic development, and it has been exported.

2. macro data

In 2010, the domestic machine 261488, rose 18%; forging machinery output value of 40.75 billion yuan, an increase of 42.2% for the record machine tool industry output value accounted for 30%. 2010 NC metalforming machine tool production 12207, an increase of 8.1% under 40 forging machine key contact enterprises in China reported statistics, NC products 6% per cent of the whole product, total 40% of all products. CNC products total more than slower growth.

In 2010, the forging machine tool exports us $ 569 million, an increase of 24.48% NC metalforming machine tools exported 110 million US dollars, an increase of 34.4%; forging machine tool importing $ 1.9 billion, an increase of 42.4%, where CNC forging machine tool imports US $ 1.01 billion, an increase of 43%.

Rapid growth in the number of various types of metalforming machinery production enterprises by 2010, annual production value of more than 5 million Yuan more than 460 enterprises. industry employing some 100,000 people.