Development And Industrialization Of Large Presses, CNC Machinery Smooth Acceptance

The afternoon of September 6, local major scientific and technological projects in Anhui Province--"development of large presses, CNC machinery and industrialization" project will be successfully held in Hefei forging machine tool Corporation.

Project acceptance of the Group of experts by the Chinese University of science and Technology Director of PhD supervisor Professor Zhu Changan, also invited Zhang Zhiyong of Hefei General machinery Research Institute researcher, Hefei University of technology Professor Han and composed of 7 people. Hefei forging machine tool Corporation Managing Director Ang Lee, Deputy General Manager Wang Yushan, Deputy Chief Engineer Zhang Lanjun and acceptance of relevant departments attended the meeting.

Expert Group heard he forged Wang Yushan, Deputy General Manager of the project research, project implementation, and detailed reporting of the use of funds, followed by carrying out on-site project site and watch prototype, through careful questioning and discussion, forging results obtained on this project fully approved, unanimously agreed to acceptance.

The project successfully developed a closed-type single-point, two-point, four point and multi-link press series products such as medium and large presses, CNC machinery, implements advanced structure, features fully equipped, high accuracy and high speed required, and more energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly, safe, and humane requirements, provide key equipment for China's automobile industry.