Experts Called For The Establishment Of Press Force Monitoring

From the application, mechanical press belongs to the universal machine, mainly used for cold punching, blanking of sheet metal stamping process, mechanical, instrumentation, hardware, automotive, electronics and other necessary equipment. Machine a wide range of applications, but when you are punching, shearing, compression and many other risk factors. Performance requirements for mechanical press, with the exception of high accuracy and high reliability by, primarily security.

"Accident prone" term used in standard mechanical stress on the fuselage is not enough. Reporter does not find the latest authoritative statistics. But according to media reports in recent years of "finger pain" has not been resting.

"Fingers can hold several tons of the year" by some stamping press used to describe where accidents are frequent. Workers ' daily reported in March 2007, Zhejiang, some scholars do statistics in the Pearl River Delta region, more than 30,000 people a year suffer "finger", and has 40,000 employees finger was rolling out of the machine. The newspaper reported in December 2011, investigations showed that the Pearl River Delta because of the machines a year cut off hand and finger safety more than million, mostly belonging to the press caused the accident.