National Supervision And Spot Check 10 Batches Of Unqualified Mechanical Presses

Quality network news in China AQSIQ announced on 23rd 2011 26 products quality supervision and inspection results, mechanical presses the product qualified rate is 72.2%.

The total of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Guangdong, 4 36 36 kinds of mechanical press products manufactured by enterprises, including presses, presses, opened and closed 2 types. According to forging mechanical security technology conditions GB17120-1997, and mechanical pressure machine security technology conditions JB3350-1993, and mechanical electrical security mechanical electrical equipment 1th Department points: General technology conditions GB 5226.1-2008, and open type pressure machine noise limited value JB 9968-1999, and closed type pressure machine noise limited value JB 9974-1999, and closed type single, and double points pressure machine precision GB/T10924-2009, and Open type pressure machine precision GB/T23280-2009 standard of requirements, on mechanical pressure machine products of operation specification, with lock conversion switch, pre control action, emergency stop, protection cover, crank stop angle, fly roulette Rod operation, rigid clutch device and brake installation requirements, emergency brake device, manipulation institutions, friction clutch device and brake of joint lock, security double joint valve, crank brake angle, sliding block regulation device of joint lock control, loaded die height, limited bit institutions, lock tight institutions, overload protection device of performance requirements , Joint lock requirements, foot manipulation device, security protection device of configuration principles, security protection device of matching requirements, security protection device of technology requirements, hands operation type security protection device of requirements, light type security protection device of requirements, protection link circuit, insulation resistance test, resistance pressure test, shock protection, on security supervision control system of requirements, pneumatic, and hydraulic and lubrication system of security requirements, precision, noise, 33 a project for has test.