Ningbo High-end Mechanical Presses First Exports To The EU

Recently, the Ningbo early reading machines produced a 600,000 dollars ' worth of 300-ton straight side two point mechanical presses upon passing inspection, export to the Czech Republic, Ningbo, this is the first time to EU exports of high technology products of mechanical press.

Mechanical presses are forging important, widely used in the field of industrial manufacturing. A wide variety of mechanical press, represents their technical and technological progress, and holds large press line of large mechanical press and. In recent years, Ningbo early reading machinery through a world-class United States technical cooperation Minster machine company, gradually with a series of large-scale, high-tech content of mechanical presses and automation equipment surrounding the development and manufacturing capabilities, 300 ton mechanical presses of the exports to the EU is an attempt to bilateral cooperation.

In 2009, Ningbo Ningbo, inspection and Quarantine Bureau, total export value of machine $ 41.4 million, but are mainly low-value small machine tool products. For promote enterprise export products upgrade transformation, change export development way, Ningbo test quarantine Council on the batch products of export test work height attention: active carried out policy publicity; assist enterprise speed up temporary export quality license of handle; timely collection EU on the class products of technology regulations and user requirements; times to site and foreign technicians discuss test programme; drawn test backbone overtime, to helping enterprise in ensure products meet requirements of premise Xia to fast inspection put, upgrade has products of market competitiveness. (Chen Xiaolong) the times of Chinese abroad