Servo Press Systems Characteristics And Its Flexible Application

At present, the servo press in addition to the large-scale application of crank-connecting rod, screw nuts and other traditional institutions, also use the toggle, multi-link, differential gear, worm and other agencies, and in series or parallel combinations of these basic institutions design. In domestic-scale application of servo presses on the driving structure, mainly the first two structures. This article is currently the major application of crank and screw-nut transmission are analyzed and compared, and at present, our company has introduced operation description of the servo press technology and servo press merit discussion and present major problems faced in the process of development, for relevant reference of design, production and reference.

A, structure of the servo press

1. CNC presses, servo drive system

Monotonous mechanical press production will not be able to meet the personalized variety and small batch production needs, you must take the road of flexible production. First of all, should change their fixed itinerary and driven by flying rotation of rigid model under the stroke volume, stroke TDC and speed are adjustable and flexible model can be adapted to different types of parts stamping, including stroke curve, speed, method of forming, bringing them closer to the optimum forming conditions. Secondly, the removal of flywheel and clutch, torque overloads the servo motor through a gear or direct drive crank rotating or oscillating drive slider can be combined into a variety of movement patterns, and this is a servo press the advantage.