The Person Concerned Calls To Raise The Entry Threshold For Mechanical Presses

It is understood that the municipal work safety supervision Bureau in the city of Foshan in Guangdong province last year 1000 units without safety protection devices installed safety protection devices of mechanical press enterprises, implementation of retrofitting a subsidy of 200 yuan each, the aim is to solve the large finger, severed hand accident each year. However, the Shunde lunjiao, chencun town of two woodworking and metal forming machinery manufacturing enterprises, and without safety protection equipment each year into product manufacturing enterprise, the settlement of workers "finger pain" production safety problems it is difficult to remove.

Machinery product safety and quality supervision and inspection station of Guangdong Province, Li Zhihong, senior engineer believes that in the European Union, forging machinery of the European Union as dangerous machinery, mechanical presses for all exports to the European Union must pass the CE safety certification, would not be able to enter the EU market. Since 1993, the State canceled class products production license manage system of mechanical press, lunjiao, two in chencun town woodworking and forging machinery industry has grown rapidly, some "Wash feet" are involved in woodworking and metal forming machinery manufacturing industry, leading to industry is running out of control. National production license system should be restored, and the introduction of mandatory certification, fundamentally solve the current problems. Meanwhile, management of the secondary market should be developed as soon as possible, strengthening the mandatory testing, substandard equipment forced scrap.

Agent number of accidents at Dacheng Law firm Wang Silu thinks, in accordance with the provisions of the administrative licensing law, directly related to public safety, human health, life and property safety of the equipment, facilities, products, articles, according to technical standards, technical specifications, validation through the testing, inspection, and quarantine matters, you can set administrative permission. Establishment licensing laws on the press industry, given the press market chaos has endangered the health of workers and safety, relevant departments should actively be regulation through the formulation of related laws and regulations.