To Build the Strongest Machine with Craftsman Spirit, World Press Cooperate with the Top Forging Press Giant

In the morning of 22th. Nov. 2016, the general manager Ge Minglei of World Precise Machinery, and the chairman of Japan AIDA has signed comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement. It indicates a formal "marriage" of World Press with the top forging press giant. World Press will build the strongest precise machine with craftman spirit.

The secretary-general Zhangjin of China Forging Association, and the director Liu Jiaxu of China Forging Research Insititute together witnessed the signing ceremony.

World Precise Machinery Group was established in 1953 with location in Shanghai economic zone. It is one of the most experienced and professional manufacturer of press equipment, who has taken part in the beginning of the first five years plan of China. After being listed in the Singapore market, world’s products have gained great attention with higher quality and more superb technology.

World Precise Machinery Group has subsidiaries including World Precise Machinery, World Casting, world Shenyang. In the headquarter, we have press technical R&D center, numerical control technical center, heavy tools technical center, additionally, a conventional R&D center in Shanghai, which has cooperated with professional companies from USA, Germany, France, Japan, Sweden, and the colleges and universities in China to develop and improve the products with more superb technology.

The customers include the world's leading companies BMW, Toyota, Baogang, Volkswagen, Haier, etc.

Since the establishment in 1917, AIDA has been devoted into metal forming system research as pioneer, it is a century-old enterprise in Japan. As the world-class mechanical press equipment manufacture, AIDA has the second highest global sales amount with sales network to more than 80 countries and regions.

As stated by the vice chairman Zhuang Jianqing of World Group at the signing ceremony, the smooth and fast signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between the two forging press giant from China and Japan will not only benefit AIDA in openning the Chinese market in short time with World Press's strong sales and service country-wide net work, but also bring in World Press the most advanced production concept and the most exquisite technology in the world to build up the corn competitiveness to provide the best quality equipment for the manufacturing industry in China and the world.