JH21 C Frame Pneumatic Press

JH21 C Frame Pneumatic Press
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Steel welded body, tempering treatment or VSR(Vibratory Stress Relief), high rigidity, accuracy and stability.

Pneumatic dual balance cylinders, which balance the slide and punch weight to reduce noise and impact.

The crankshaft undergoes gringding treatment after high frequency quenching.

Lengthened six-face rectangle guide with a surface of bronze plate.

Vertical located crankshaft, compact structure.

PLC control and imported safety duplex valve.

Wet type combined multi discs friction clutch and brake.

Hydraulic onerload protected.

Main Specifications:

Nominal CapacityKN250450600800
Nominal Strokemm3445
Slide Stroke Lengthmm80120140160
Slide StrokeFixed times/min100807060
Max. Die Set Heightmm250270300320
Die Height Adjustmentmm50607080
Throat Depthmm210225270310
Distance Between Uprightsmm450515560610
Slide Bottom SizeL x Rmm360410480540
 F x Bmm250340400460
Handle Hole SizeDiamm40505050
Bolster SizeL x Rmm720825930950
 F x Bmm400440520600
Bolster Thicknessmm80110130140
Table Hole Diametermm150150150180
Bolster Surface Heightmm780800900900
Overall SizeF x Bmm1496158515401765
 L x Rmm945107512001200
Distance between foundation boltsF x Bmm980107511001210
 L x Rmm690760840920
Motor PowerKw35.55.57.5
Press PressureMpa0.5

Nominal CapacityKN125016002000
Nominal Strokemm666
Slide Stroke Lengthmm180200220
Slide StrokeFixed times/min504545
Max. Die Set Heightmm350400450
Die Height Adjustmentmm90100110
Throat Depthmm350400430
Distance Between Uprightsmm670736910
Slide Bottom SizeL x Rmm620700880
 F x Bmm520580650
Handle Hole SizeDiamm707070
Bolster SizeL x Rmm110011701390
 F x Bmm680760840
Bolster Thicknessmm155165180
Table Hole Diametermm200220250
Bolster Surface Heightmm9009001000
Overall SizeF x Bmm204023052600
 L x Rmm132014201540
Distance between foundation boltsF x Bmm143016652020
 L x Rmm104011401360
Motor PowerKw111518.5
Press PressureMpa0.5

Nominal CapacityKN250031504000
Nominal Strokemm678
Slide Stroke Lengthmm220220250
Slide StrokeFixed times/min303030
Max. Die Set Heightmm500500550
Die Height Adjustmentmm120120120
Throat Depthmm450450490
Distance Between Uprightsmm9809801050
Slide Bottom SizeL x Rmm9509501020
 F x Bmm700700750
Handle Hole SizeDiamm707070
Bolster SizeL x Rmm150015401700
 F x Bmm880880950
Bolster Thicknessmm190190210
Table Hole Diametermm270270290
Bolster Surface Heightmm100010001100
Overall SizeF x Bmm266027202850
 L x Rmm164016801750
Distance between foundation boltsF x Bmm210021402260
 L x Rmm146015001570
Motor PowerKw223037
Press PressureMpa0.5

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WORLD PRECISE is one of the leading China Mechanical Press (Safety pneumatic clutch) manufacturers equipped with professional factory, welcome to wholesale cheap jh21 c frame pneumatic press from us.