JH25 C Frame Double Point Press

JH25 C Frame Double Point Press
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Product Details

The JH25 C-frame double crank press is the commonly used product in blanking, piercing and cutting the larger piece of sheet metal. The worktable in large size is more suitable for the progressive dies working on different stations, which can greatly improve the production efficiency.


Welded body with steel plate and high intensity.

Suitable for multiple dies automatic line and multi level dies continuous punching

Double crankshaft pitmen totally eliminating side forces by reverse rotation.

Combined wet multi discs friction clutch and brake.

Cluster gear adopts the flooding oil lubrication.

Six-face rectangle lengthen guide.

Adopts electric die height adjustment with digital display.

Equipped with hydraulic overload protecting device.

Main Specifications:

Nominal CapacityKN110016002000
Nominal Strokemm567
Slide Stroke Lengthmm180200250
Slide StrokeFixed times/min504535
Max. Die Set Heightmm400450500
Die Height Adjustmentmm90100110
Throat Depthmm350390430
Distance Between Uprightsmm147016001920
Bolster SizeF x Bmm680760840
 L x Rmm188020402420
Bolster Thicknessmm155165170
Bolster SizeF x Bmm520580650
 L x Rmm140015001850
Bolster Surface Heightmm9009001000
Overall SizeF x Bmm182020802370
 L x Rmm192021002450
 H 310032803730
Motor PowerKw1118.522
Press PressureMpa0.5

Nominal CapacityKN25003150
Nominal Strokemm77
Slide Stroke Lengthmm280280
Slide StrokeFixed times/min3030
Max. Die Set Heightmm550550
Die Height Adjustmentmm120120
Throat Depthmm470490
Distance Between Uprightsmm21702190
Bolster SizeF x Bmm920940
 L x Rmm27002800
Bolster Thicknessmm180190
Bolster SizeF x Bmm700700
 L x Rmm21002100
Bolster Surface Heightmm11001090
Overall SizeF x Bmm26902730
 L x Rmm27302840
 H 41104110
Motor PowerKw3037
Press PressureMpa0.5

Standard Equipments:

Wet clutch

Hydraulic overload protecting pump

Auto lubrication system

Manual lubrication system

Balance cylinders for slide and upper die

Digital die height indicator

Joint for miss-feeding

Touch screen

Electronic crankshaft angle indicator

Cam controller

Movable control panel

Die height adjusted motor


Device for knockout

Joint for air

Foundation bolts

Optional Equipments:

Light curtain

Foot pedal

Leather bag die cushion

Die quick change device

Auto feed shaft


Absorbing pads